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Commercial Building

The Window Doctor offers complete Commercial Sealing Services

It is vital for industrial and commercial buildings to have good indoor air quality. It is essential in maintaining an efficient working environment, whether that entails keeping the temperature regulated in an office environment to keep staff sharp and productive, or clean, healthy air in industrial environments. While a business’s HVAC system plays an important role in achieving this, an HVAC system is only as good as the windows of the building it is installed in.

For HVAC to be effective, windows need to be efficiently sealed. Commercial building windows are usually installed with rubber seals or gaskets to keep them weather tight and keep the window glass in place. Overtime, exposure to the elements and UV light causes these seals to shrink and deteriorate, causing the glass to no longer be secure and a loss of weathertightness. Window Doctor have tools and personnel to reseal, or wet glaze, these windows to improve their original function. This involves sealing glass windows with a commercial grade silicone sealant. This sealant is specifically designed and developed to offer high strength and high performance structural glazing. This means that it does not require a backer rod, which is a flexible length of foam used as a backing for traditional sealing practises. Fast, and efficient, ensuring that your business keeps moving along smoothly.

Keep your business safe from Auckland’s elements and your indoor air quality perfect for your staff by using Window Doctor’s commercial sealing services. Upgrade and fix those old, deteriorated seals of yesteryear and let your HVAC system work to its full potential. Get in contact with Window Doctor today to organise a quote for your commercial property.