Open for emergency glass service throughout the Christmas and New Years break

Emergency Glass

The Window Doctor offers Emergency Glass Services

In an emergency, rest assured you can call The Window Doctor 24 hours a day 7 days a week to secure your property and quickly restore your glass to working order.

Whether it’s a break-in or the recent surge in ram raids here in New Zealand, a residential or commercial premise, or a public building, we understand the importance of delivering a fast, effective solution in times of need.

The Window Doctor has over 40 years of experience in both the aluminium and glass industries. Services include but are not limited to, aluminium joinery, window repair, and commercial and residential glass repair and replacement solutions. No need to wait for third parties, we can build or repair your frames and glass in-house making for a much faster turnaround than what many homes and businesses are currently facing. We do it in weeks, not months.


From your initial call, we’ll assess your situation and bring out the tools necessary to make your premise secure again until the window can be repaired or replaced.
Windows are one of your home’s most essential features. They are the unsung hero for all that they do for your property. They have a range of functions from adding to your home’s aesthetic, keeping your family warm, brightening up your home by letting natural light in and letting you sleep soundly knowing your home is safe and secure.
With that in mind, it’s no wonder that a window that needs to be repaired is a task that jumps to the top of your priority list. It is also a job that you want to do right, first time, with an experienced team that knows what they are doing.

We cover the entire spectrum of window repair services and offer the chance to upgrade your existing windows if your older windows are in need of repair. Broken glass? Why not replace it with a window with better insulation to lower your power bill and keep your home warmer. Rotten jam liner or broken rubber seals? We can look after that too.


Window Doctor repairs windows across the Auckland region. We specialise in the installation and fabrication of aluminium joinery, meaning that we can handle windows of any size or complexity.
When necessary, in a busy commercial setting, we can work after hours to get your frames and glass back to working order without disrupting day-to-day business.
We have 40 years of experience not just in Auckland, but all over New Zealand and sometimes even abroad. We are familiar with industry best practices, standards and building codes. We follow strict criteria to ensure our end-to-end solutions are on time and on budget, without a hitch.
We also have a reliable team of in-house employees that proudly wear the window doctor brand when they are on your job’s site. So rest assured we don’t use any dodgy 3rd party contractors or the like.

So if you are sick and tired of windows not opening and closing properly, or the comfort and security of your home/business are affected by a draughty or broken window, get in contact with the Window Doctor today for all your window repair needs!

Whatever your emergency, The Window Doctor is here to help you find the solution that’s right for you. Give us a call or drop us a line on the contact form below and we’ll be delighted to talk about your project with you.

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