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Refurbishment & Recladding

The Window Doctor offers complete Refurbished Joinery Services

New Zealand has a highly varied climate. Because of this, window joineries are subject to a range of elements, and over the years may become damaged and need repair. Depending on what style of joinery your windows have will depend on the process to repair and maintain them. For instance, it’s not uncommon for old timber joinery to not be completely weatherproof. Over the years, this results in water making its way into the window frame and rotting the wood.

On the other hand, aluminium joinery can become misaligned overtime, causing windows, ranch sliders and bifold doors to no longer open and close easily .Whether that’s due to joinery that needs to be realigned or window stays that have rusted shut, it means that the window or door is no longer serving its purpose and needs some TLC…

…and that’s exactly what Window Doctor provides.

Let our experienced team of professionals take care of your window joinery maintenance and repair needs. No matter if you have aluminium or timber joinery, Window Doctor have the equipment and experience to get the job done quickly, efficiently and to the highest possible standards in the industry. Refurbish, refresh and rejuvenate your windows by getting in contact with Window Doctor today to organise a quote for your windows, no matter the size or complexity of the project.