Home Security

The Window Doctor offers complete Home Security Services

Windows are a building’s Achilles heel. They are completely necessary, but are also the weak link in many buildings’ security. Window Doctor are experts ensuring that your property’s windows are safe and secure, ironing out any kinks that may be in your home or commercial property’s security.

There are a range of reasons to upgrade the security of your property’s windows. If you have a commercial property, protecting your assets or sensitive information from theft or burglary are a major concern to keep your business healthy. This may involve the installation of window catches, locks and hinges, locks on ranch sliders, and security glazing. Many thieves are opportunistic, and these steps ensure that your home or business isn’t an easy target.

For residential customers, the same applies but with the added caveat of wanting to keep your family safe and sound. This may be the installation of window safety trays that serve the purpose of restricting window opening, so that children (or anyone else for that matter) fall out the window.

Allow Window Doctor’s 40 years of experience secure your property with our range of home security manufacturing and installation services. Get in contact today to get a quote so that you can have peace of mind that your property is safe and secure.